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Open Floorplan: living room/dining room OR extra big living room?

12 years ago

I posted earlier in the week about windows and paint colors in the house my husband and I are buying, but right now my biggest question is what to do with the living space. It looks like originally the room was intended as a living and dining space. There is a low-hanging light fixture suspended from the cathedral ceiling in the space outside the kitchen nook. The area is carpeted. The current owners (the sellers) have instead used the entire space as a living room, making the room feel much bigger. On the wall with the windows, there is a sliding glass door on the right (near the couch).

In terms of design and resale value, what would be the best bet for this space: divide it into a dining space with a smaller living space, or do as the sellers are doing now-- make it a bigger living room? There is enough room for a small table in the kitchen nook, but i'm not sure about formal entertaining.

Note: I'm not sure how long we'll be living there, but would tiling the kitchen all the way to the door to the backyard be a wise investment, or would it cause potential buyers to be unable to use the space as a big living space? Does anyone have experience with carpeted dining areas?

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