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How to arrange living room furniture in open living room?

3 years ago

Don’t mind the dining table in the living room and the blankets on the couches - we’re in the process of remodeling our kitchen which you can see a glimpse of in the picture by the front door (kitchen is straight back, dining room is to the left of the kitchen and living room connects to dining room which is directly to the left of the front door). We currently have two sofas and a love seat which is on the window wall. The way the couches and the tv are placed right now are how they’ve always been and I feel like it makes zero sense. I’m open to getting a sectional and moving these down to the family room but even then I don’t think I can fit two sofas and a loveseat in a way that makes sense. I’d like some ideas on how to completely arrange furniture including the tv which we can mount on a wall too. I’ve included a dimension picture as well with an example of what I thought could work with different furniture. I just don’t know if having the back of a sofa to the entry way would work. I feel like we just have an awkward shaped living room.

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