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Converting bedroom into bath/closet - lots of questions

Hello all! I'm a longtime lurker, sometimes poster and I'm hoping to get some feedback on a project I've been thinking about doing. I live in a 1960s ranch that has 4 bedrooms and 2.5 baths. The master bath is very small and I would like to convert a bedroom into a larger bath and a walk in closet.

We won't be starting this project for at least a year, so that we can save up the money, as we plan to do most of the work ourselves. We have intermediate experience with DIY projects, but plan to hire professionals for the plumbing and electrical.

My first question is how this might affect resale. I realize this is dependent on the area, and while we aren't planning on selling at the moment, I'd like to be mindful of this. It seems that houses of comparable square footage in my area generally have 3-5 bedrooms, but I've had people tell me that getting rid of a bedroom would be a detriment. I tend to disagree, as the current bathroom and closet is very small, so making them larger would make the house more attractive. I should also mention that we have a furnished basement that could easily be converted into at least another bedroom.

The second part of my question is about layout, sizing, etc. The first picture is the current layout. As you can see, the bathroom is very small and the closet for the second bedroom is essentially the size of a coat closet. I also forgot to note on the drawing, but the attic access is located in that closet. Additionally, in that closet there is a bump out in the corner, which is about a foot square. I don't know what it is, but will obviously investigate before doing anything.

The second picture is what I'm thinking about. The bathroom would be 5 x 8.5, the walk-in closet would be 6 x 8.5, which would allow for a 5 inch wall between them for plumbing.

Obviously, the bathroom wouldn't be huge, but it would be much more functional that it is currently, as two people can't really use it at the same time. Having a 6 ft wide closet would (I believe) allow us to have clothing rods going down both sides and I might put a mirror or shelving at the end. Also, doing pocket doors is just an idea I'm tossing around at the moment.

Does this look like a somewhat feasible plan? Are those room dimensions the best use of that space?

As far as budget goes, I'm thinking around $5000, but obviously that could change as I do more research.

We would be doing the demo, hang the drywall, install the fixtures, and do any tiling ourselves. We gutted our other bathroom several years ago, but just changed the fixtures without changing the layout, so we have experience in those items.

We would be keeping fixtures and any tile simple and basic, so steam showers, multiple showerheads, or anything like that. Really, my main goal with the project is to be able to keep our clothing in one place and have the ability for both my husband and I to use the bathroom at the same time.

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