Converting bedroom to master bathroom closet plan. Suggestions?

7 years ago

I am looking at converting 1 of my 3 bedrooms on the ground level to a master bathroom.

My house currently has 3 bedrooms upstairs and 2 bedrooms downstairs. 1 bathroom up stairs and 1 bathroom downstairs.

This led me to the idea of converting one of my small 10'-10' bedrooms to a master bathroom. In the end I would have a 4 bedroom 3 bath house.

This sounds more appealing than a 5 bed 2 bath house don't you think?

I have laid out an initial plan, and could not figure out a way out to add a tub into the mix without greatly reducing my master closet space. Any ideas on how I can incorporate it in?

The reason the tub was last on my list of things to add is because I have a 6' whirlpool tub in the bathroom downstairs. So if I cant squeeze it in, no big deal.

I am looking for suggestions or tips on things to include in my plan.


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