Lose 4th bedroom for a bigger master/master bath/closet?

2 years ago


I currently live in a c. 1961 tri-level ranch home with four bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. The single-level portion of the home consists of a large open kitchen/dining/living, while the split portion contains three bedrooms (in an L shape) with 2 bathrooms upstairs and one bedroom, one bathroom, one laundry, and a large bonus room area that spans two of upstairs bedrooms. The house is approximately 2,600 SF including the basement.

I think it would be nice to combine the master with the adjacent room, which would allow for a large bedroom, bathroom, and closet. That would leave me with 2 bedrooms upstairs, 1 downstairs, plus the bonus room. I live in a good school district and the neighborhood is increasingly filling up with younger families. Most people with kids have one or two young children and move onto bigger homes when they have a third or their kids get older.

While the house is currently four bedrooms, I think a family of five would feel pretty cramped in this house - in my opinion, my likely audience is younger buyers with 1-2 small children who would likely appreciate a larger master ensuite vs. four bedrooms. That said, I also hate the idea of losing a bedroom and am not sure it's a project I'll get my money back on.

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