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Help... discovered attic mold on our dream home during inspection

11 years ago

Quick rundown...

We are very picky buyers. For 2 years, we've been looking for the perfect home and we found it in the perfect neighborhood. It's a newer home, expensive but we can afford it, less than a year old. Everything was perfect.... agreed on a price and then the inspector found mold spreadout the attic sheathing and on some trusses throughout the north half of the attic. We were devastated.

We hired a mold inspector, who tested it and determined it was "common mold" typically found outdoors. Non toxic, and can be remediated. Inspector thought it was from wet wood left outside while the house was being built, combined with tight construction and high humidity inside last winter. Left unfixed it could grow and cause allergies. He also tested the indoor air quality of the second floor near the attic opening which checked out normal. Neither of our inspectors were able to find a ventilation issue (ridge vents/soffit vents were all correct)

We attempted to negotiate with the sellers and all they were willing to do was give us the money for us to fix it. We felt we should get a discount off the property also due to the risk of it coming back, and the risk of a future hit in resale value after it's remediated - so we walked away from the deal.

We are reconsidering and wondering if we did the right thing. Does anyone have experience with this type of situation. If mold remedation is done properly (and is non-toxic in the first place) is there a hit in resale value? If it's cleaned up correctly does it tend to come back?

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