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help: should I replace granite slab at my cost

8 years ago

We picked granite, after weeks of looking and then all the lots were sold out where we were sent until the last one....So we get it, but didn't do a tapeout, (wasn't suggeted at the time and didn't think about it, doy! anyway granite was installed great, very consistent (unfortunately, they didn't do us a favor by doing that! except they put two dark spotty and speckly inclusions, the only noticeable ones in the whole kitchen including island right in the corner L. see photo. I've been trying to adjust my eyes to it, but it keeps looking like something spilled on that corner. If it was one or the other it would be ok but the two are very distracting. I see it as soon as I come in the entrance to the kitchen. Fabricator will retemplate and install for free. Contractor won't eat it, because he says that's granite, we picked it, blah, blah..... We want to sell the house one of these days, I'm afraid it would affect sale, though I had a realtor come over and didn't think it would deter reason we the did kitchen reno was to help sell the place. Please tell me what you would do. We spent a lot of dough on the reno, so hate not being happy with it. Am I being unreasonable? Unfortunately not enough leftover to do the whole run (left and right of sink. The leftover has more busy spots left and right of sink. Told not possible to replace a portion without damaging cabinets or If they do to sink seam only seam won't be good....and then I still have to do a tapeout to make sure it doesn't come out worse. Don't want to put expensive blacksplash on until resolved. We connected sink plumbing becuase I was really trying to be reasonable, so that will have to be disconnected/reconnected. What a nightmare....DH is ok with whatever I decide, as long as it's quick....OMG...

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