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OK, a much more polished virtual open house example

16 years ago

Earlier this week, I answered a question about how to help sell a home (marketing and such). I gave an example of a virtual open house -- because these days, 25% of home owners look on the internet first before going actual open houses and such.

So anyway, I send a quick example of what they could do for free to create a virtual open house presentation. Well, I had a little time and a created a more polished one that I thought you guys would appreciate.

Note that I did it in one setting (so it was easy and fast enough), I used free software ( so it didn't cost me anything. I put it up on -- there are places that let you put up video and presentations for free, like

And now I can embed this video on blogs, add links to websites, put it up on such websites as (for a price of course) and put a link of flyers and postcards and such so others can see my house 24/7 without making an appointmnt and if they are SERIOUS about coming to see my home, it has all the information to call me.

I think FSBO or any homeowners with realtors should take matters into their own hands and promote and market their homes to make sure they get interested people looking.

Go to:

[now imagine this with music in the background] Didn't have good soft music to play with it, so that's why the absence of sound.

Here is a link that might be useful: Polished Virtual Open House (without sound)

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