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3 kids sharing 2 rooms with big age gaps

9 years ago

I'm not sure which board this belongs on, but it's a logistics problem! The question is: IS IT WEIRD TO HAVE 3 KIDS SLEEP IN ONE ROOM AND USE THE OTHER BEDROOM AS A PLAY ROOM? Here is our situation:

The kids are a 14YO boy, 9YO girl and 2YO boy. Right now the middle and youngest are sharing. We have a 1900 sq foot one story home with *technically* 4 bedrooms. The master, 2 kids rooms, and the 4th is an office right by the front door with built ins and I work from home so I'm not excited about giving up this space. And the master is done up very nicely so we're not giving that up either! Technically the room being shared is already set up to sleep three: we have an extra lofted bed that currently houses about 1000 stuffed animals, my son's crib is under the lofted bed, and my daughter's twin is on the other side of the room. My teenager has his own room with a queen size bed and plays video games in his room (we only have one TV in the main house).

I understand that a teenager needs privacy, but so does my daughter, the only girl. The older two bicker but generally get along (she worships him, he is annoyed by her) and they both LOVE "baby". The oldest could very well be going to college in a few years, and I considered a garage conversion that could be like his own apartment/studio bedroom in case he wants to stay home and do community college for a cojuple years (which would then become a guest room or rec room) but I'm afraid of how it would affect the resale value. So I feel like the only choices are to make a sleep room and a play room, or for me to suck it up and turn the office into a bedroom.


Sorry so long!

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