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anything to consider before replacing roof..move ac ducts, etc?

10 years ago

Argh! I dont know if I think too much or not enough!

I bought a mcm home 2.5 yrs. ago. I have been slowly remodeling it as my budget allows. One thing that has bothered me is the roof. It was raised and a fascia board was placed to hide the gap. I hate it. I am having the old roof torn off and a new foam one put on back to the original level on Wed. with no fascia boards. The ext. will then be re-stuccoed.

Well, now I am thinking long term value for this house. The homes in the neighborhood are going up in value, with some for sale for millions.

The architect is a locally famous architect - Al Beadle. The home next door to me is one of his designs and cannot be torn down.

The ceilings are 8 ft. tall sometimes going down to 7 ft. to allow ductwork to go through. I cant raise the ceilings without affecting the architecture and incurring significant cost. Can the ductwork be buried in the new roof? Is this very expensive? Is this something I need to settle before they start the roof? Or is this a simple fix if run on top of the roof? I belive there is about 8 inches of space to run things above the ceiling. Do you think the lowered ceilings are that big of a deal? They are in the laundry room, side hallway, master hallway to closets and dr/lr/kitchen as below. The walls are almost all floor to ceiling glass, so with the light you dont really notice the low ceilings.

I am so confused and worried I scheduled the roof job without thinking things through. Is there anything else I should consider?

Low ceiling in kitchen/dining room:

fascia board being removed:

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