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thinking about buying this house and renovating - pics

bridget helm
11 years ago

i'm writing in all lowercase because i'm typing with one hand - baby sleeping in other.

anyhow, we are buying in baton rouge,louisiana where property is expensive and scarce in the middle of the city. we are in a suburb of the city now, and i'm sick of battling interstate 10 to bring the kids to school.

so we found this house that is desperate for an identity, but is in a great neighborhood and location. about 1/3 of the homes have been renovated or torn down with new tasteful homes in their places. they've done good jobs with most of them in making the homes look right - not obvious add ons etc. most are very nicely done.

so we are thinking of doing the same thing to this home:

i've estimated 125K - 150K for what i'd like to do. this is ballpark. nothing formal yet-- inspection this weekend then negotiations and hiring draftsman if all goes well with the inspection.

new marvin integrity or infinity windows
new architectural shingles
new wood louvered shutters or panel shutter depending on overall style we make the home
something done to the front to give it a style - not sure what just yet - ideas?? creole, craftsman, modern, retro?? my interior style is Elle Decor (mix of modern,retro, and antique)
raising ceiling height in den by exposing beams if possible
making den larger by going out a few feet in the front or by going into the large bedroom beside the den
a white built-in entertainment center in the den
landscaping (one water oak may have to be removed - cost??)
new paint in all rooms
paint existing kitchen cabinets creamy white
new montauk blue slate tiles in kitchen (2.50/sf)
white or blue slab granite countertops in kitchen, white or glass subway tile backsplash in kitchen
i know exactly which stainless fridge, range, hood, dishwasher and microwave i want (total $4400)
will have to cut out an area in cabinets for microwave
new dining room light fixture and add one in breakfast table area and new pendants in kitchen or no pendants at all - not sure if i want pendants hanging in my face, but i do love this kitchen and its pendants that i've linked below

new island and possibly additional cabinets and counters to serve as a wetbar on the empty wall across from island(wall not shown well in pics)
new real French doors in the kitchen
add on a master bedroom 11x12 addition and master bath closet combo (another 11x12 addition) in the rear of the home
tear down the deck and make a slate patio of some sort, not sure exactly what i'd want out there - landscape architect will help - something simple to put patio furiture - not sure if it needs to be covered since there's so much shade back there already??
add a port cochere around back(French fancy way of saying nice carport to complement the home)
add a driveway
update the 2 existing bathrooms with remnant white marble slabs and add white or glass subway tile backsplash and frame mirrors with wood trim and put down montauk blue slate floors (2.50/sf)

my husband noticed that there's no fireplace. we don't use our corner fireplace much (not too cold in Louisiana). however the mantle adds character to our den. so I'm torn on the fireplace. i'm leaning towards it, however that isn't in my estimate. not sure how much that will cost?

here's a pic of the built in bookcase and fireplace mantle that we have now, and I'd do the exact same if possible in this home (maybe without a fireplace??)

Whew! That's alot of stuff. I'm glad to have it written it down, however.

Sooooo, are we crazy? Can we make this house look great and into our forever home?? Or should we move on and try to find something already "done"? I tend to like lighter fresher finishes, but dark heavy warm finishes are popular down here. The lighter airier stuff is all new construction which is either out of our price range or is too far from the children's school. So, it's hard to find what suits me.

Some of our friends think that we are crazy and that there's no way to make this little house into something beautiful. Are they right? I think that they just lack "vision". However, I don't want to do it unless it's going to look seamless and smooth, as if the house always looked great.

My main concern is the exterior front. I have no idea what to do with it to make it look better. New windows and shingles will help, but it needs some architectural details of some sort. Faux dormers?? A big wood true divided light picture window??

I like old creamy white painted bricks, but the bricks on this house are obviously not old as they look commercial with ridges and very square corners. Should we stucco over them? Hardiplank over them - if that's even possible? Or sack them then paint over them??

Lastly, and most importantly, is my estimate of 150 waaaaay off? I know it's hard to say exactly, but ballpark.

Thanks for reading my super loooooong post! Any opinions and or answers will be much appreciated!

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