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Bad/Dangerous Neighbor - what can I do???

16 years ago

I live in a Condo (with 4 units) that I just purchased about 6 Months ago. It's a beautiful place that was totally renovated. Who would have guessed that I would be dealing with an alchoholic/drug addict with mental a neighbor???? Over the course of the last Months - she is "loaded" every time I see her, She is always bringing around shady looking guys, etc. And no telling if she is selling drugs - which is another possible concern.

Me & the other Tenants have been Paranoid that she will pass out with a lit cigarette and catch the place on fire. Well, the inevitable "almost" happened the other night - she came in late, didn't turn the gas burner off correctly on her stove (supposedly) & someone smelled gas the next morning, the President of the Condo Assoc. opened her door to find her passed out - she was okay but was TOTALLY unaware of what happened.

#1 mistake - the President did not call the Police at the time this happened----so that mistake cannot be changed. And I doubt getting the Police involved after-the-fact (with no evidence & with one persons word against another) which she can totally deny - and probably will.

What could any of us possible do to someone who owns a Condo but, obviously is putting everyone in the building in danger?

She claims she will clean up her act - but how can you trust someone with these "problems" and who is capable of such lack of responsibility?

Any ideas or suggestions?


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