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What can I do my Neighbor is mad at me : (

11 years ago

I'm heartbroken. We live out in the woods in a small rural community. My Neighbor runs a "trading post" just a few acres down the road.It's a little wooden store and she lives in the back (I am also her insurance agent). A few weeks ago she "took in" the most adorable stray kitten. The kitten loves people and purrs and rolls over for her customers to pet. The problem is that she does not let the cat in. It is allowed to roam day and night. When I first saw the cat I said "she's so sweet why don't you find her a good home" her reply "she HAS a good home" (it has not been to the vet). Since then the kitten has decided it's great fun to come hunt at my bird feeders and fish pond. I am an avid birdwatcher and am a Certified Natural Wildlife Habitat. Yesterday after watching her nab a bird I tried to run after her with a squirt gun. She ran while I was squirting her but as I turned to walk away she came running up to me purring and rubbing up against me. The cat follows me through the woods to the Trading Post. I begged her to keep the cat in the house (she has a large sun porch) but she says she cant because of the food in the store (however she has a Grate Dane and a Westie in the house. Within 1/2 hour the cat is back at my door meowing to come in. This really angers one of my 4(indoor only) cats and sends her into fits every time. I walked the cat back home and begged her again even brought her a cat pan. She said "I will just go lock her in the barn" (storage barn no animals). Not any way for a cat to live.

About 2 hours ago I needed something from the store, I printed off one of the reports on the effect of cats on wildlife and headed out the door only to find the cat on my deck. She followed me back to the store I purchased my item and asked her if I could help come up with a solution, she snapped at me and said she was looking for a home for her. I asked if I could help and she snapped again NO! The cat is back at my door as I type this. I cant call her to come get the cat as she runs the store alone most days. I don't want to lose a friend (or a client)I can't let the cat keep killing birds and frogs and I am so afraid she is going to get hit or eaten by Coyotes. I need suggestions please!

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