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Bird nest enthusiast, I have a question for you.

11 years ago

I remember seeing someone on this forum that decorated with real birds nest. It was lovely, and displayed on a tree limb on her buffet.

I have been watching a nest for a few weeks. I was pretty sure that the mother abandoned the nest. There had been several eggs, and one day, a few eggs shells were spotted on the bush where the nest is located. I took a peak and there were no baby birds, but two brown speckled eggs were left. After three weeks, nothing. This afternoon, I felt the eggs and they are stone cold. We have also had some temps. dipping down to freezing this past week.

Anyway, I have the nest and eggs, and would like to display them. Have it in the garage until the creepy crawlies have a chance to escape the nest. What do I need to do to prepare the nest and eggs for display?

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