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Fail to 'get' appeal of French Door fridge

10 years ago

I've been looking at appliances. I have been happy with a 42" GE Monogram side-by-side for 13 years and had planned to by another (smaller) side-by-side for our condo. I'm curious about the appeal of the French Door styles. I don't 'get' it!

I never had a chest freezer, so digging into one doesn't appeal to me, let alone having to pull it forward first. Further, if you're happy with the bottom freezer, why not buy a bottom freezer with normal top?

When I open the fridge on my side-by-side, whatever I'm looking for is *there*. Same with the freezer side. They are like 'cabinets'. I've been noticing that friends with French door units usually end up opening both doors most of the time.

Was this just a manufacturing gimmick, or do you really like the configuration?

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