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A Word to the Wise re: French Door Fridge In-Door Ice Dispensers

12 years ago

I posted here a while ago about problems I was having with my KitchenAid French door refrigerator. Since day 1, the ice maker never worked right. I never was able to get ice out of the door, was chasing cubes all over the floor when I'd reach into the compartment to get them otherwise, cubes would stick together in large chunks, it would either make too much ice, or not enough, etc. Everything you can imagine that would go wrong, did.

I had the appliances store come out at least 5 times and replace every component of the ice maker and water line possible. No change.

Finally, they threw up their hands and contacted KitchenAid (well, they had before but this time as far as I was concerned for real). After months of back and forth annoying phonecalls and non-returned phonecalls, KitchenAid agreed to give me a new refrigerator.

However, caveat. I was warned to NOT get another in-door ice/water dispenser on the French door again. Apparently, no matter what brand of refrigerator you purchase there are inherent problems with the design for this type of refrigerator. Complaints are numerous, not only with KitchenAid. How I wish my salesperson had told me this when I was placing my order.

Anyway, the new fridge is less expensive than the original one by around $600 or so. Also, I'm losing freezer space now instead of refrigerator space which actually means more to me. So, to make up for it they offered to give me a large stand alone freezer to keep elsewhere. I asked if I could have a fridge/freezer combo instead (more useful since we're only 2 people) to which they agreed (same price).

So, I'm getting the new KitchenAid sans dispenser (in door water and in freezer ice maker), a new 16 c.u. Frigadaire refrigerator/freezer for my basement, and free delivery and set up of both. They also threw in 2 water filters and, as I was leaving I noticed they had 2 packages left of "Affresh" for the dishwasher, which I've been having a heck of a time finding in my area. I said I'd like to purchase both of them and they threw those into the deal for free also.

Overall, I'm pleased about the way the handled this in the end although I was frankly annoyed as can be throughout.

Anyway, just wanted to warn anyone contemplating the ice maker outside the French door refrigerators that there may be a problem with theirs. Not a sure thing, but highly likely. I love the fridge otherwise; it's been keeping food fresher longer, it looks great, I personally think it's set up rather well for my lifestyle but oh dear that ice maker was an aggravation not worth having.

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