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question re: pulls on integrated french door fridge door panels

13 years ago

We are in the last minute stages of choosing pulls for our kitchen (in our newly completed house, yay!). We are planning to have a fully integrated french door fridge with the freezer drawers on bottom and cabinet panels on everything. I came over here to look around at the fridge we have already decided to buy (Themador Freedom) but I got sidetracked when a thread mentioned the appliance pulls on a french door fridge. The rest of the cabinetry in the kitchen is raised panels and I am realizing that the styles (isn't that what the border part around the edge is called?) are a tad narrow. Our dishwasher panel came and we were definitely surprised by the look - the scale up is not what we imagined and the pull we chose was too big so we are starting all the way over. The fridge panel hasn't been made yet (I don't think) and now after reading comments about integrated fridges here I am super nervous that we will have trouble with the appliance pulls being too close

My question is - how can we plan for this? When the panel is made for the fridge door do all the dimensions get larger or should I expect the style to be the same width as it is on other cabinets? Maybe we can call the manufacturer and ask about teh dimensions of the panel? I can't believe we didn't think about this until the last minute!!! Of course, we haven't chosen pulls yet so maybe if there is limited space we could compensate some by not getting overly wide pulls.

Here is a picture of part of our kitchen so you can see the cabinetry - obviously fridge will go there on the right. Excuse the dust the house is still under construction here

I would love to hear experiences from other integrated french door fridges and even pictures of your pulls if you have them handy. Thanks!