New Flat Screen on Big Empty Living Room Wall HELP!!!

10 years ago

Hi All,

I am trying to redecorate my new home. I have all the furniture done and now I'm off to the walls. I have a big flat screen (pics will be attached) and a big empty wall behind it. I will include pics of both a black and white photo and canvas art. Both of which I was trying to get some sort of idea from. I read many forums and none had pictures and I really need to visualize it all. I do not know if I should stick to black and white photos or use a little color with the canvas or have something centered. I was looking into the floating shelves as well, I am just having a hard time narrowing it down and coming up with a solid idea. I like things different but not overwhelming. One other thing, I have a new puppy! The one floor plant I have is surviving thankfully, but I can't have too much close to the ground. Any and all advice will be greatly appreciated!

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