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OMG !! We Cannot Find a Hood we like and Cannot order Cabinets !!

13 years ago

OMG !! We Cannot Find a Hood we like and Cannot order Cabinets !!

Our builder is riding us hard to complete our cabinet decisions but we cannot find a hood ... that we like, that doesn't affect our other cabinets adversely, that is not *too* expensive. We were originally going to have the microwave over the range, but were talked out of that here on GW. I like the idea and looks of a hood and have seen many that I like, but we can't find one that works in our kitchen. Our range will be electric and this will be a rental vacation home. Although some renters may cook, many may not - many go out to eat, or maybe cook on the grill. When we cook (not often!!) at home, we never even use the fan so the hood is more for renters potentially using it and for decorative - but not for us. Here is my original GW kitchen layout thread ...

Here is our kitchen layout from my 3D program (click pics to enlarge) ...

Here are the options presented by the KD so far ...

Option 1 is missing the cabinet to the left of the hood (where the coffee cups go above the coffee maker). Plus we don't really like how it looks just stuck in there and how the space is not even on the two sides. Plus, it is much more expensive. I do really like the looks of that style hood though. On option 2, the vent pipe will be sticking out above the top of the cabinets (vaulted ceiling). Also, I did not want cabinets above the range and the filler piece to the right looks odd there. Option 3 just looks bad for this kitchen in my opinion.

Option 3 is this hood ...


Our cabinets are Ultracraft which are frameless. This is causing issues with having to use filler pieces throughout the kitchen but especially there where the wall angles. How deep is the maximum that a vent hood HAS to be ? The fan in the microwave above the stove works just fine for us and is only 12" deep. So is there a way to have the hood closer to 12 inches deep instead of 22-24" deep ? Wouldn't that look better ? And also help so we wouldn't lose as much of the upper cabinet on the angled wall to filler ?

What do you think of this hood below as a possibility ? Ultracraft does not make this, so I would have to have it custom made. How hard would it be to match the stain from the cabinets to the hood ?

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