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If you saw my lamp on this table, what would you think?

14 years ago

I would love to hear everyone's opinion about this console table. Yes, this is take-two, but I'm hoping this one is going in a positive direction.

I admire the mix of old/new in mags like Elle Decor, but I've never actually added a modern element before. The rest of the room can support, well, any crazy thing really. My only pause is this lamp. I adore it and it will stay in the room, ideally on the console table.

Pics of my lamp:

And now the modern table from Target. Mentally switch the hardware for antique brass.

As you can see, the lamp is freakishly ornate while the table is so modern and streamline. Is this the kind of mix of ornate and modern that would come across as sophisticated or is this a totally wrong combination? If it does feel off, please clue me in, I'm not seeing it. Mixing with a touch of modern is a whole new language for me.

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