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Do You Love To Cook? Cook A Lot? Multiple Cook Family?

16 years ago

. . . and how did this work into your final kitchen plans?

The reason I got to wondering about this is because I caught a show this morning on HGTV that features chefs and foodie's kitchens. During a round table discussion, one gal that goes around to film these kitchens, mentioned that every kitchen of hers that she'd personally designed, she loved; and that every kitchen a KD had designed for her, she ended up hating.

I've personally only had one kitchen reno ~ this one, so I'm no expert. I love to cook; so do my DH and DD,and we did have our strong opinions on what we wanted and where. We like to cook together on weekends and I worked hard with our KD to make this a kitchen for multiple cooks. I watched the traffic flow patterns and made sure there were good areas to work in for each cook. BUT, my KD came up with a lot of great ideas I never would have thought of. I think we ended up with a fantastic kitchen for a family that loves to cook . . . and still feel that way four months later.

So, my question to you is, are you a person/family that loves to cook? How did this affect your kitchen design? How much of your final plan did you come up with versus your KD? And finally, if you're finished with your kitchen, how is it working for you?

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