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Firefox users big change in version 29

For those of you that are firefox users the new version 29 is coming out today. Some may already have it. If so you will notice it is very different. OF course some will love the new changes but some may not. Change is change and not always what we want so in that light Corrine has a good article about it on her site.
She also has some hints to help make it more like it was.
Mozilla Firefox 29

If you do not want yours to change automatically you can change your settings in firefox options.
Tools> options> advanced tab> updates tab> change setting to check for updates, but let me decide whether to install them and then be sure to click on ok at the bottom.
This will alert you to when new updates are available and then you choose to install them or not at the time.

You can go back to version 28 if you prefer (Firefox 28.0 ) or try Pale Moon browser which is very similar.
Pale Moon Browser

To see the changes in 29 check out this article
Firefox 29 (new interface) released: Find out what is new

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