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A fabric question & a design question

15 years ago

Being a newbie I have been building a stash for future creations. I just went to a quilt show this past weekend and was very drawn to the old fashioned quilts that use the romantic flower fabrics and pastels etc.

My question to you is: What kind of fabric do you buy for the white/off-white that is around the quilt blocks in a quilt? Looking at the quilts at the show that fabric looks almost heavier weight than the colored fabric I've purchased but I never see any whites or off white fabrics in the kits or even online at my favorite quilt stores. I'm sorry if this is confusing..I hope you understand what I mean.

Also, do most of you use a pattern designed by a designer that is sold individually in quilt stores? Or do you just design your own blocks and go from there? I understand that you would probably buy or copy a free pattern if it was really difficult to do, but I'm wondering what most of you do? I have bought several packaged patterns and copied others from magazines. They are good practice and I've choosen easy ones to do!

I hope these questions aren't to basic to ask. And any advice or information you can offer is really appreciated.

Thanks so much,


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