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Which speed oven: Advantium, Miele Chef or Gagg from UK?

12 years ago

I am looking for a speed oven to pair with a combi-steam oven from either Gaggenau or Thermador. We are tight on wall space, so it would be great to just get the 24" steam oven since it has the same interior capacity as the 30" (and costs a little less too.)

I owned an Advantium 120V OTR in a previous home and loved it. The 240V Monogram Advantium would be my first choice except that it is only available in 30" size and I am not sure how the styling looks with either of the steam ovens. The 24" Miele Chef speed oven looks nice and is priced comparably to the Advantium, but I do not know if it will function as well. I am concerned about reviews of the Miele that said it was very hard to clean the interior, it has no turn table for the microwave, and it is not great for use as a microwave.

As far as our needs go, we currently use a microwave on a daily basis to re-heat food and drinks. I would like to have a 240V speed oven to make fast dinners for our family of four after work. (I am picturing a roast pork loin or chicken in the speed oven and veggies in the steam oven.) We will have a full size 30" gas convection oven as part of a range, but it will probably only get used a few times per year, as I anticipate cooking for 4 using the 2 smaller ovens.

I would love any information comparing the Advantium and Miele. If any Miele speed oven owners can reassure me that it works well as a microwave, as well as an oven, and is not so bad to clean, that would be great.

Our third possible option is to try to self-import a 24" Gagg combi-microwave oven (BM 270) from the UK. It would be a perfect match with the 24" Gagg combi-steam. (I am so annoyed that Gagg does not sell a speed oven in the US market.) The Gagg option would be risky, since we would have to hope the electrician does everything right for a UK appliance, we would have to get used to programming the oven using Celsius temperatures, and I have very limited information about how this appliance works.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Here is a link that might be useful: Gagg combi-microwave

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