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Cute Baby Gift Idea...

11 years ago

Do you want a cute baby idea? Here is a really cute one I did. I bought a simple gift bag. Then I took a piece of clothesline type rope and some small wooden clothespins. I made a bib, burb cloth, nursing strap, binkie clip, and purchased some socks, a sleeper along with a few other things. I hung the items on the rope like you would on a clothesline and layered them in the bag. I tied a loop on the end of the rope and tied a small ribbon to it. I typed up a cute saying and laminated it and attached it. The little jingle read, Give a little tug and you will see a few special gifts for you from me... Everyone wanted to know how to do this and lots of pictures were taken.

The rope was a little smaller then a regular clothesline rope and I purchased the small wooden clothespins in the stationery department at Wallmart. It is a nice gift to go together with someone due to the number of items you want to hang. A neighbor lady did this for her grandaughter and used a diaper bag instead of a gift bag.

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