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Have I created a kitchen that isn't functional? advice needed...

15 years ago

Today started out as a magnificent day... after not have a kitchen for the past 18 months my 'dream kitchen' was delivered this morning and they are coming to hang the cabinets tomorrow.

They are everything I wanted... creamy white, beautifully constructed, most of bells n whistles that you can cram into a small space, not to mention the inset doors and hidden hinges that I have admired from a far for so long.

I have never had semi-custom or custom cabinetry before. (In past renovations I have given existing cabinetry a 'facelift' or picked generic big box replacements in the same size and layout that was previously there.) This time I started from scratch. I picked everything. When choosing the door style inset, raised panel and hidden hinges were not an upgrade. SO, as you can imagine, I was thrilled (and promptly said 'Great, I'll take them all!). I am certain the lot of you ( youÂre all so savvy) can anticipate the issue and problem that is at the heart of my post.

I had decided to do a reach in for the corner cabinet INSTEAD OF LS. There's plenty of space BUT (hits her forehead with palm) now itÂs not accessible. Now, seeing it in real life (Of course! I realize there is a big problem). When making my choice my cabinet lady told me that the interior space on inset doors is more limited than an overlay (she may have even told me the number of inches lost on the front of the cabinet). When thinking about a 33-36' corner cabinet an 1 1/2 on either side didn't mean a thing to me. Until it was delivered today.

At this point, other than crying or hurling (pardon the graphic nature), IÂm not certain what to do. I realize that neither of those options will help the situation at hand... I am not a person who gets amped out by things...(ever). But at this point having saved the cash to purchase, researched and planned the project and lived nearly a year and a half without a kitchen (not even a temp)- I don't know what to do to remedy the 'OOPS!@#' that IÂve created. I am fearful that I have created a fairly pricey (by my standards) kitchen that is non-functional.

I would love any advice, assistance or comedic relief that anyone has to offer; any viable (and hopefully cost effective) solution to my problem is certainly welcome. My appliances, stockpots, Dutch ovens, mixers (you get the picture) do not have a place to reside in my soon to be newly installed kitchen.

Thanks in advance, I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed and benefited from being a member of the GW forums, even though I don't frequently contribute.

IÂm looking forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestion.. I have also tried to post photos (first timer- I hope it works)

Here is a link that might be useful: photos of corner cabs with inset door

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