Help - need soution - w/d stack removal from tight fit alcove

8 years ago

I'm cross-posting info below from the laundry forum. I thought maybe the plumbers would be more familiar about optimum way to set up a washer/dryer stack in a tight space so that future removal could be optimized (as best as possible other than having a larger space).

From the laundry forum:

We're in the middle of major remodel of a hall bath. An alcove (i.e. closet without a door) for a washer/dryer stack is part of the requirements. In the middle of that now when I realize because it is a tight fit, it is going to be a HUGE DEAL if and when we decide to replace machines or if they need maintenance to the extent they need to be pulled out of alcove. Doesn't help that these machines are fairly large Samsung, not compact.


I think I've got SOME help with this problem because I am requiring access panels in back (on wall in a spare room).

BUT the REAL problem is if these machines need to be removed. I could give space dimensions but I will not unless someone feels they need it. What I'm thinking is that casters might be the solution. Stack could be rolled out and then moved sideways down a 36 inch aisle out the door which is also 36 inches. (room to unstack before rolling sideways, I think with 36 inch aisle.)

Problem is I can't find anywhere on the web where this has been done before. I'm particularly worried about vibration with the casters. Think I need REALLY heavy duty casters attached to some kind of platform? Do I need to worry about ventilation (on the sides as well as from below?)?

Also, some issues with stability if both are rolled out together? Anyone with experience on this? Maybe wall on the side of alcove which borders a hallway could be made to be easily "destroyed"? (Hopefully this last option isn't only one because that "ship may have already sailed".)

Washer is Samsung WF219ANW and
dryer stacked above washer is: Samsung DV2194GW

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