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sewer smell in our study

13 years ago

Our home is 28 years old and occasionally we can smell the sewer when our fireplace doors are open. We have a very tight house. About 12 years ago, there was a terrible smell on one end of the house - study and living room and off dining room. After checking around, it seemed to be coming from a wall switch so we thought it was a dead mouse in the wall. It lasted a couple days.

It comes back every once in a while and only lasts a day or so and so we started to question the dead mouse. We never have found one in the house even though we live out in the country. Then we started to wonder if it was sewer gas but couldn't figure out why it was in the wall - no water in that wall. The only thing we could think of is that there is a soffit running all the way around the family room into the dining room (where there is a bar sink) and it continues into the living room and the study is on the other side of that wall. That is the only sink on that side of the house. There is a switch in the living room wall almost directly behind the study switch but you only get a slight smell from that switch if you put your nose up close.

The smell started again last Sunday and doesn't seem to want to go away. We have put water in every sink, even added bleach but it still is there.

I can't stand to be in the room anymore - I'm getting headaches. What do we do to find what is causing this????

I thought about a home inspection person but do they know that much about sewer problems (if that is what it is)?

Any ideas what we need to do?

Went up on the roof and the pipe is fine. At first I thought it might not be high enough but it is. There hasn't been any new plumbing work done. We have gone from cold weather and have had the furnace on to 70 degrees today but the house has been closed up during this time.

thanks for any help.

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