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Need list of metal pulldown kitchen faucets

9 years ago

Many of you know that practically all of the pull-down sprayers (not to mention the side sprayers and even the soap dispensers) of all the popular brands (Delta, Moen, Pfister, Koehler, etc.) are plastic made to look like metal. I don't care what the rational is for this, I hate it. Some have said that it's to protect you from getting burned by hot metal, but of course the real reason is to save money. (Then why are the soap dispensers plastic?) I can only find one manufacturer whose components, including the pull-down, are metal: Waterstone. But their stuff is all made-to order and very expensive. I'm willing to pay a couple hundred $ more for the feel of solid metal, but not 5x as much.

Let's start a list of manufacturers who make PULL-DOWN FIXTURES AND SOAP DISPENSERS whose components are at least wrapped in metal, if not solid metal. I'll start:

100% metal:
- Waterstone (everything they make)
- KWC??? (I've heard their pulldowns are all-metal; anyone know for sure and/or which models definitely are?)

NOT 100% metal:
- Delta (& Brizo, their still-plastic "high end")
- Moen
- Pfister
- Kohler
- American Standard (not sure about their high end, DXV)

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