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If you have Apple TV/Roku/any other movie-streaming device

10 years ago

Just starting to research this stuff -- my list of 'want to watch movies/tv shows' suddenly seems longer, and my traditional sources (Redbox, my library) aren't carrying some older stuff I want to see.

What do you use, and why?

I have a MacBook and iPod, and I use iTunes for music and really like those 2 pieces of technology, but a lot of the sample movie titles I've searched for aren't in Apple's inventory. So I need to be able to access Netflix and Amazon for the 'see it now' stuff (I did a trial offer for Netflix a year or so ago for the mail-out DVDs; now it seems their trials are for instant downloads now, so I need to catch up with technology!).

Any advice?

I currently have DirecTV (may be switching the phone company's FiOs TV bundled pkg -- internet/phone/tv.)

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