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Shower valve (upside down?)

12 years ago

We're installing a shower and the shower valve assembly we selected just came in. It has an outlet going up and down and a cap to go on the bottom if the shower doesn't also have a tub spout.

Looking at the outlets that go up and down, the downward facing one has two smaller holes in a soldered-in circle in the pipe and the upward facing one has one small hole in a soldered-in metal circle. I'm guessing these are flow restrictors.

Can we put the valve in upside down since we don't plan to have a tub spout so we have a bit more water going to the shower? It looks like there are instructions for back to back mounting that might let the handle go hot or cold with the turn of part of the valve. Hot and cold come from the same side, so we can feed it however we need.

Any thoughts?

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