New house on well--water report. Think I need a water softener?

11 years ago

Our new well profile indicates that everything is below the "allowable limit", but it appears we have 9.41 grains of hardness. I read that between 7-10.5 grains = "Hard water". I know some in the neighborhood don't have softeners and think the water is fine, even a year or two after moving in. However, I've lived with hard water before (harder than these numbers suggest) and hated it. I'd rather NOT have to have a softener, but just in case, I had a drain put in the basement mechanical room for just in case. I'm not in the house yet, so I don't have a feel for the water while bathing, etc., but if I'm going to need one, I'd just as soon start off with one. Any recommendations?

Other numbers in the report are (unit = mg/L):

Lead <.005 limit .015>Manganese <.03 .05>Iron <.10 .30>Nitrate Nitrite <.10>Sulfate 98 (AL 250)

pH 8.1

Sodium 20

Calcium 42

Magnesium 14

Total Hardness 160 (9.41 grains)

Other analytes were very low.

Thank you for any direction you can provide me!


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