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I need help with choosing a whole home water softener/filter and r/o

6 years ago

I need help choosing a whole home water softener. I also need to filter out high chlorine levels and also a new toxin GenX. Supposedly a R/O system will filter out the GenX. The hardness is about 20. The square footage of beach townhouse is 1300 square feet. 4 people using 6 months of the year. Out of the 6 months, there are 3 weeks when there is heavy usage of multiple people showering, dishes, etc.

So far I have considered:

  1. Aquasana but don't know if it should be a salt water softener.

  2. A local company that would sell me a Clack system that is a 36,000 grain capacity with a 1" inlet and 1" outlet valve; it would cycle every 3rd day; recharges at night; tank is 40" tall, salt tank 18" diameter; attach a charcoal filter to remove chlorine. Purchase a separate R/O filter to put at kitchen sink.

  3. Kinetico but I haven't talked to them yet. I noticed you have commented numerous times about water softeners and you know your stuff! I would appreciate any input.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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