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Two questions.....

15 years ago

I am new to this forum,,,hope some of you can give me some advice.

Question 1....we were just given a 10 month old Chihuahua.She is very mild mannered and loveable,even with our 2 year old grandbaby that we babysit for. The dog loves the baby.Everyone tells us she will get mean as they arent good around kids. We supervise,and the baby is taught to be gentle and calm around the dog,and the puppy has showed no signs of aggression.Are there exceptions to the rule,or will our pet just get mean or what???

Question number 2..

How do you break dogs from getting "treats" out of the cat box??? I have heard they are lacking in some nutrient or something which can be corrected to stop the behavior...HELP!!!!! Thanks in advance!!

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