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Please vote on my layout choices

15 years ago

I thought I had it mostly confirmed but then I came up with a new idea this morning. Of course, that idea comes with itÂs own set of problems.

Here is what seemed to be the "final" one and this is the layout I sent for an estimate for our counters. The red dot (in all pictures) is the prep sink and the blue line is the existing wall that we will bump into the family room.


These are two variations that I came up with today. The small door you see is actually a doorway to the family room and the large one will go to the deck. I have them set to 42" and 60", just for reference.

What I like about those layouts is it gets rid of the tiny, troublesome window and provides direct access to the deck for grilling. What I donÂt like is that it narrows the doorway to the family room and adds traffic in every direction. Before I go on and on, which do you like better?

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