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Please vote on my hardware choices!

15 years ago

I'm having a tough time choosing and need some help. The order I post them is not necessarily my order of preference.

#1 This is the least expensive out of all and I thought it would compliment the rope moulding at the base of the upper cabinets. I wish I could find longer ones like this.


#2 Ancient bronze cup pulls. Also has knobs to match for the doors


#3 Don't remember the name of this one. Not sure if it's too busy


#4 Hyde Park ORB Pretty but understated? Also more than I wanted to spend.


#5 I forget the name of this one but its also ORB finish


As you can see I am leaning toward the ORB because of our cabinet finish (shown here)

If you have any you would like to suggest to me I'm ALL EARS since I seem to not be able to pick something on my own! LOL

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