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Theresse, I hope you love your Ankarsrum!

9 years ago

Thanks (or no thanks, LOL) to you I became obsessed with mixers. I do everything by hand or with an older hand mixer, so I don't do a lot of baking. But my little girl is interested in that stuff and your thread got me thinking about investing in a stand mixer. I've read countless opinions, stalked CL and Ebay, waffled between Bosch and Ankarsrum and finally decided to go BIG. The 5 yr warranty on a new machine really helped sway me away from a used one. Like you, I was smitten with the looks but kept talking myself out of it because of the price.

I bought the orange one today! Pleasant Hill Grain is offering a 15% discount on an accessory if you order a color that isn't in stock right now so I took advantage of that, too.

It's not expected to ship until mid-Jan but I'm so excited! I can't wait to do meatloaf/meatballs in it because I hate mixing ground meat with my hands (never remember to pick up plastic gloves). Not to mention all the breads and sweets my daughter will happily make.

If anyone is planning on getting one, PHG said there will be "a significant price increase" at the beginning of the year, per the importer.

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