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Blender, food processor, or what?

10 years ago

I have a almost 30 year old Oster combo unit which is a blender (doesn't work very well anymore), mixer (works fine), food processor (PITA to use so never do), and meat grinder (slow but sure and only used occasionally).

I have been researching forever and can't determine what I need to buy. I want something for milkshakes and protein drinks (protein doesn't blend well). Also something to blend cooked vegetables like for brocoli soup or for mock mashed potatoes (cauliflower). Everyone always mentions smoothies. Maybe if I had the right equipment I would make them but right now we never do.

I don't like the food processor attachments because all they do it cut or slice food and shoot it out. There is a lot to take apart and clean.

I wonder if I even need anything more than a good immersion blender????

Any advice is appreciated as anyways : )

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