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Water Softener Choice

9 years ago

We need a water softener for our house and we have about 4-5 people. We do not have any high use water items, other than a washer and dishwasher.
We have iron at 1.8-2ppm and iron bacteria.
Calcium is at 3.7 gpg.
Our options are Culligan, Kinetico, or Aqua Systems.
Kinetico is too high for us, and their cheaper options seem to be very basic (in other words I could purchase a similar product from an online retailer and save half).
With Culligan we would be able to try it out for about 3 months, but they are higher than Aqua Systems.
Aqua Systems is cheaper, plus we would get a RO.
The Aqua Systems product I am considering is the SmartChoice Gen II, with a Clack head and the PureChoice RO. Also, which is better Fleck or Clack? What I was wondering is does anyone have any experience with Aqua Systems products especially the SmartChoice Gen II?
Thanks for your help.

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