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I'm trying really hard not to be miffed at this

15 years ago

We moved to a new office building. I have my own office and a new neighbor in the office right next door.

Several times now she has come and shut my door when I was on the phone. Apparently I'm too loud. She's never SAID anything; she just shuts my door. The first time she did it, I nearly ran into the door, bcs it's floor-to-ceiling sliding glass, and I didn't realize it was closed.

All the surfaces are very hard (concrete floors, glass walls), so there's lots of ambient noise and echo. Then, my phone volume is sort of low.

I can be loud anyway, period, without realizing it (I project--a great skill if you're a stage actress, but sort of hard to live w/ in close quarters).

It's something I'm always working on.

But factor in that I can't hear anybody on the phone, w/ the acoustics, etc., and I guess I'm louder than I realize.

So I'm trying, honest I am. I also don't really hang on the phone--I'm betting my longest conversation is about 10 minutes; most are shorter.

But I'm still sort of miffed that she's shutting my door.

I know that I would NEVER closer HER door. I'd shut mine.

I guess she feels that she isn't the one being loud; why should she have to shut her door.

I keep waffling between feeling guilty for being loud, and understanding that it can be hard for her. And being p.o.'d that she's never bothered to SAY anything, and that she shuts my door.

Once, I was on the phone w/ my back to the door, and hung up and kept working on the computer, and then my boss was knocking gently bcs she wasn't sure it was OK to interrupt me--and I hadn't closed my door. My neighbor had. And my office was getting HOT, w/ no air circulation.

So I'm going to ask the IT folks about some sort of volume enhancer for the phone (believe me, I have it turned WAY up; but its loudest isn't loud enough).

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