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Plumbing fitting questions, copper, PEX, etc

15 years ago

I've just done some re-plumbing around a water heater in our house, which lead me to 3 questions:

1. Can I reuse PEX fittings? I had to cut out a few during the rework, and I use stainless steel pinch type crimp rings which can be removed as per the manufacturer's information. Is the actual fitting deformed in any way while crimping, or can I reuse them after taking off the crimp ring? ( I know, I know, PEX fittings don't cost a lot of money, just curious, and cheap :))

2. Is a copper union a one time use fitting? If I install one, then loosen it to remove one part of the pipe, can I re-tighten the same fitting, or it it deformed once and then won't reseal?

3. Similar to #2, how about a water heater installation compression fitting on flexible pipe? The original install had BrassCraft brand flexible brass pipe connect the water heater nipple and a male threaded fitting attached to the PEX line. I removed one, and replumbed using PEX directly. There is a brass ring beside the rubber washer in the female end of the compression fitting. This looks like it deforms with tightening. Can it be reinstalled on another fitting, or has the ring deformed once and that's it? If so, are new rings available, or is it a one time use item?


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