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Hanging art above the bed....

12 years ago

I originally was searching for an old mantel mirror to use above the bed like I saw on a RMS photo. It's not something I'm looking for anymore and I'm trying to use stuff I already have.

I was going to hang a hunt print above our bed. I do really like the print and so far it doesn't have a spot to hang. It's about 5lbs. Would it be ok to use an Ook hanger? I have a 30lb hanger here ready to go. That type still only uses 1 nail but it's thicker than the lighter weight hangers.

I never bother to find studs for anything. If I can't get away with a small nail I'll use a wall anchor and screw. I usually end up making more than one hole to get it right (even with template I make) and I have a miserable time getting the anchors out if I need to. I've used the Ook hangers but only lighter weight stuff.

I wasn't worried about putting stuff above my head but now that I'm ready to do it.....

Earthquakes aren't a problem here.

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