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6-1 canned tomatoes. Open can, can one save unused portion?

12 years ago

Ok, another question. I'd like to open a large can of 6-1 ground tomatoes for homemade pizza, and would not use the whole large can. Because this is pretty good stuff, I'd like to save the unused portion. Could I? How? Freeze in plastic bag? Freeze in rigid container? Freeze in glass jar? Refrigerate in glass, plastic?

My sense of things is that deterioration, to any appreciable extent, is unlikely in any of these methods. Glass storage would have a greater number of adherents, but soft or rigid plastic also sounds ok for freezing, to me.

What do the cf experts say of preserving 6-1 ground tomatoes, after the cans are opened. In the real world, in a commercial setting, I do not see the tossing of opened cans of this good tomato.

Is this enough info to move forward in this post?


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