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Ann T's wet dough tutorial

16 years ago

Hello all,

I've been a daily lurker for four years and enjoy the heck out of this forum! I feel as though I'm part of a big happy family, even without me posting.

I've bookmarked a number of recipes, thinking they would be there when needed....not so. I get an error message. Included was Ann T's (who I so much admire)wet dough tutorial! I'm in the midst of teaching myself artisan bread making and would love to have that recipe included in the FAQ's.

I think Tricia's bread lessons are just the best and I think together with Ann's pictorial, I just might "get it" :)

I also have a bread question. When I make the no knead method my bread turns out quite nicely. Yet when I add my sourdough starter I cannot get a second rise from it. Why would that be? And once I even added yeast to no avail.

My starter is fairly new, a baby at two and a half weeks old. Fed sometimes twice a day. Tons of bubbling, doubling within 3 hours, flavor is phenomenal, nice and sour, but I am having a hard time getting it to lift past a ciabatta type, and the first two times not at all.

I've always considered myself a good cook and a so-so baker...I wanna be a baker too!



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