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My cat has stopped eating after surgery for crystals

15 years ago

My cat recently had surgery and a five day stay at the vets for crystals. I posted about it under the heading "Thank you everyone" just a couple of weeks ago. The Vet sold me a case of Prescription Diet for him, which up to recently he has eaten very well. He was eating 1/2 can twice a day till this last Tuesday. He hasn't eaten since. I tried cooking his food from Chicken and Pork. I went to Pet Smart and purchased a different canned food that was heavy with liquid. All he did was lick the liquid up. But it took him all night just to do that.

He absolutely hates using the litter box. I can't remember the last time he did. He prefers going outside. Usually going outside is the first thing he wants in the morning. Now, not so much. He will go out side for a minute or two, instead of hours, and then comes right back in. When I go into the kitchen he follows me around and meows at me. Yet nothing I do will entice him to eat. Also, he doesn't seem to be drinking very much water.

He is still very loving, but he is losing weight and his coat is a little rough.

Please, if anyone has any ideas I would greatly appreciate it. I will be calling the vet today


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