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Our new granite/help me make it look great

16 years ago

Has anyone here used Taylor Cabinet Door Company? I'm thinking about doing a compete switch to cherry doors (thanks a lot cat mom!). I just love the look of her cherry doors with the dark granite.

When I put in the Brazilian black granite, the gray floor that once looked so modern (it is new and is modern) mixed with the European white cabinets just all of a sudden looked dated. I think that when people mix wooden floors with that look, it looks so much better. I do have wooden floors right through the door to the family room, but the overall feel of the kitchen just bugs me now. What to do, what to do!

Before/Circa 1988 but with new appliances and pulls

After with Brazilian Black Granite/Sink side of galley kitchen

Other side from breakfast nook (if you look on the counter nearest to you on the left, you might see my black rainbow and big green fleck)

This is a closeup of the area that is not consistant with the rest of the counters. I know, granite isn't perfect, but this is not the slab I chose. He went back and got another because he didn't have enough. It's hard to take a picture, but on a counter that reads black and is consistant most of the time, the two imperfections stick out.

Here is my seam in front of my sink. I couldn't get a good picture that showed what I see. They fixed it a little, but the cut was jagged compared to the back seam. There is also a blob of epoxy in the front. It just stands out to me.

I'll love all of you "kitchen professionals" to take on this kitchen and give me some ideas of what to do next. I thought maybe the cherry doors, maybe with some uppers having aluminum and glass in them??? Perhaps a stainless steel backsplash...tile or simple pattern? I looked back at a lot of kitchen picture that I had saved that I liked. All of them had the cherry or cherry mixed with maple along with dark counters. Again, what do YOU think?

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