Need help making our new house feel more put-together

4 years ago

Hi everyone! This is the first house we've owned so I definitely want to put in the effort to make it feel more grown-up and cohesive. I'm not sure what to call my style, maybe transitional/industrial? I like modern things but don't want it to be too modern since it's an old house.

Living Room:

I feel like the living room is almost there. I am going to add another side table and a floor lamp, maybe something like this to help fill a little bit of the empty space at the bottom of the stairs.

Dining Room:

Planning to replace the light fixture with something more modern/industrial like this. Ordering this buffet and then consolidating and getting rid of the 2 smaller tables we have there now. Hopefully this will cut down on the clutter in the kitchen a bit too as it provides some additional storage. I was thinking the wall where the pictures are hung high right now would make a good gallery wall above the buffet.


Not planning to change anything here right now. Maybe replace the backsplash with something more neutral eventually.

Any constructive criticism or suggestions welcome! Thanks!

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