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What do I use Teleflora Le Saucier for? and other odd cookware

11 years ago

Is it permitted to ask the use of strange cooking utensils here?

I have a Le Saucier by Teleflora, it's a small upright copper pot, looks like tin on the inside? with a removable wood handle. This is one just like it on ebay

A sticker on the bottom says it was made for Teleflora in Portugal in 1984, but that one is only the upper pot. Mine also has the base, a large copper holder for a sterno can or candle, which the upper pot sits on top of.

So what is this supposed to be used for? For keeping gravy hot for serving on the table? If it were to be used to cooking, why not just use a double boiler?

I also have an square of granite, about 8"x8"x.75", set in a white plastic tray. Is this meant to be a trivet for setting hot pots on, or to be warmed in a microwave to keep a dish warm, or someting else? These are both thrift store finds.

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