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my plant shelf is BLAH and my kitchen needs help(Pics)

16 years ago

i posted before about my BLAH plant shelf and thank you for all the suggestions...I love the idea of herbs in cute little pots!

I'm posting more pictures of my kitchen so you can get an idea of what else is going on in there. I'm not a fan of our backsplash. I was 7 months pregnant with twins when we picked it out and at the time I really didn't think about it too much or care. We were so excited to have it installed and we are very dissapointed with it...not much we can do now unfortunetly!

Anyway, I'd love more suggestions on the window treatments including the french doors ( I love the view and it is pretty private so maybe I don't need anything? Although at night I do feel on display...

i need A LOT of help with that huge expansive wall by the table. It's such a big wall I have no clue what to do here. We will eventually be getting a different kitchen table and chairs but aren't sure if we should go round or square or rectangular? Also need different stools for bar area.

Thanks for your help!

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