Help - How to add color/life to my kitchen (lotsaPICS)

13 years ago

I'm open to any and all suggestions. My kitchen was recently remodeled and we opened an area into the livingroom. My cabinets are stained the color of cinnamon, my table is cherry, my wall color is Saybrook sage, and my granite is a mixture of creams, carmels, and rusts. Someday I'll have a backsplash (fairly plain). I just got the barstools which are super comfy although not really mission style. After several tries we decided to go w/comfort.

Please offer ideas on the following areas where I'm stuck.

I'd like 1 or 2 big pics on the large wall behind the table. Do I look for frames to match the table color, or go real dark (brown/black). I'm hoping for something like sidewalk scenes or something with a lot of depth. Something where you wish you were there and wondered what is behind the building, walkway, etc. and some new color. How large should they be compared to the table?

Once I get pictures, is that where I will find another color or two to add to the room?

Drapery/curtains. I currently don't have any on the sink window or the slider. We have verticle blinds on the window by the table because the light reflects on the tv in the other room. I don't really need any for privacy but if it would add to the coziness of the kitchen, I'm open for ideas.

Is a rug under the table a good idea in the kitchen?

Should I change the white accessories in the upper glass cabinets to something with color? I need something else on the stove hood where the little white angels are, maybe plates, bottles, etc.

I'm more into blending, warm and cozy compared to contrast, bright bold colors but I'm open to ideas. I do have one black metal flower thingy on the wall near the sink but I think that is just temporary. Any other ideas for that wall?

Ok, here are my current pics.

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